Pa 581 Final Exam Government Budget and Finance 100% Correct Keller

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PA 581 Final Exam Government Budget and Finance 100% Correct Keller

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1. (TCO A) One of our lectures discusses the budget execution stage of the budget cycle. Please identify and explain each of the major steps in the budget execution process. (Points : 25)
2. (TCO D) Property taxes receive a number of complaints from some taxpayers and many politicians. Please identify at least three of these complaints, and discuss them in detail. Refer to standards such as vertical equity, horizontal equity, and regressiveness as you discuss these complaints. (Points : 25)
3. (TCO C) Quarterly allotments for the appropriation to the State
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One of the basic criteria that is considered when a tax system is evaluated is the equity standard.

Please provide your interpretations of these items: 1. Purpose of a tax system and 2. Equity (Points : 25)
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1. (TCO A, B) What is the meaning of a budget format? Governmental budgets may be organized in line-item, program, and performance formats. What are the differences among these three approaches? Make an argument that builds a case for hybrid presentations that includes all three elements. (Points : 25)
2. (TCO A, B) Our text addresses the federal deficit and relevant laws and measures for controlling and preventing deficits. Please explain each of these measures in detail. These areas are (1) debt limits; (2) aggregate budgeting; (3) targets and enforcement; and (4) spending controls, PAYGO, and adjustable deficit targets. (Points : 25)
3. (TCO G) Explain the importance of Pareto Improvement to a governmental unit.
A public project produces the following individual benefits for stakeholders stated in terms of present values when an appropriate social discount rate of 15% is used: Al = $8,000; Bev = $20,000; and Chris = $11,000. The present value of the total cost of completing and maintaining this project equals $36,000.
· Explain the importance of Pareto Improvement.
· Is this project economically feasible from the social point of view? Explain.
· If stakeholders knew that each would be

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