POET Model Essay

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Take Home Essay #2: POET Model
The POET model talks about how the various primary drivers there are present in society today that aide the increase of the human impact upon the environment. The primary drivers discussed in this model are population growth, organization of governments, the environment, and the technology of today. Each of these has some varying effect upon the environment. These primary drivers each have arguments and examples from throughout history that can show how great of an influence they may have on human impact upon the environment. One aspect that is occasionally forgotten about it the concept of how values effect the drivers within the POET model. Values can certainly effect the increase or decrease in population and
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At the time of the Middle Ages, religion had a significantly large influence upon the views of the relationship between humans and the environment. Stemming from prevalent Christian views of the time, the creation story became one that numerous people used to base their beliefs upon. Several interpreted from the Christian creation story that since God gave the first humans the opportunity to name the new plant and animal species that this inherently intended that God gave humans dominance over the environment. Throughout time, Christianity began to remove the spiritual aspect of the environment. With this people began to exploit the environment at a much higher rate than before due to this spirituality being taken away. Plants and animals were no longer perceived as creatures of God predestined to work together with us but rather as objects to provide for …show more content…
When considering the environment and the impacts that are felt upon it, there are multiple type of drivers that can affect the environment. Throughout his article, White tends to only speak about the environment, science, and technology aspects of the POET model. The organization and population drivers are never spoken about. These drivers have been scientifically proven to show some impact upon the environment and should have been included to encompass all the concepts. This article also does not speak about how other religious views may have had effects upon human impact on the environment. White could have encompassed other religions that truly secrete the fact that religion and values do have a large effect upon the environment and the choices that humans create. The different time periods of environmental impacts is also not made prevalent within White’s article. White speaks about how these thoughts on the environment began to arise during the Middle Ages but does not speak about the time before the Middle Ages. What were the views upon the environment before this time? White also fails to build connections to modern times and what these views could mean specifically for the environment

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