PMO Organizations: Reasons For Poor Project Performance In Organizations

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This literature review aims to examine the literature available on the topic of “More PMOs will be terminated resulting from continued poor project performance in many organizations”. It would look at themes such as why some PMOs achieve success while others do not, reasons for poor performance of PMOs and what is the future of PMOs in organizations according to current literature. For the purpose of this review, articles were reviewed from journals e.g. International Journal of Project Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Ivey Business Journal, and Journal of Enterprise Information Management. Moreover, articles from credible web sites were used as well e.g. and
The Project Management Institute (PMI) [12]
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PMO light have less impact on the organization but a relatively high chance of success as they have face lesser challenges during implementation. Therefore, PMO light are a good starting point for an organization. But there is a big gap between what the PMO is actually doing and what the expectation of business is. This gap is caused by the lack of proper tools and lack of four fundamental pillars which are resources, money, deliverables and benefits. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) fills this gap and offers number of key primary functions to organizations which succeed. These key functions are (Needs, …show more content…
It was discovered that implementing a PMO is usually quite a change in an organization and one may need to run a change programme alongside the PMO implementation. The change programme focuses on areas that are over looked in a project or a programme and yet another reason for failure is not managing the change element that PMO brings with it. There are many change methodologies, and PMI also has a guideline on a change management. Moreover, one of the primary failure point for PMO’s is a lack of executive support, driver from either poor understanding of the PMO’s function and associated benefits or from organization shifts that leave the PMO without the required support. The literature review also showed that there are some other major issues with PMOs as well such as lack of project management skills, projects are not linked to the organizational goals, conflict between project teams and projects do not include all stakeholder

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