PLAKAT: The Savior Of The Experience In The Poster Art

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I attended the PLAKAT: Poster Art from Poland exhibition in the Martha Gault Art Gallery located on campus. The posters were loaned from the University Museum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Poster art was developed internationally from the Polish Poster School after the late 1950’s. The posters were not abstract nor non-representational; each had recognizable images, such as people or objects found throughout the world. These posters were all created for the same purpose of representing a film. The posters were created by many artists from differing years. The posters had unique elements that were able grab my attention. There were several posters that caught my eye that I thought I could write an essay on, but I decided to go with …show more content…
So I feel like the tree all by itself is either the last of the trees, and is considered the savior of what is left, or that the tree is basically asking for a savior, and the need of a savior is projected in its shadow by a cross. It is difficult to depict exactly what is supposed to be meant. I also feel that the shadow does a good job and bringing your eye to the little tree, positioned almost in the center of the poster. The shadow is much bigger than the tree, and I think that is to represent the strong need for a savior of the environment. Another reason I like this poster is just from the way the title grabbed me. I am by no means a “tree hugger”, but I really think that the world is hurting from humans and the pollution that we cause, and I think we should be doing way more to help the world out and make it a cleaner place. So when I look at this poster and I see this small, little tree, all by itself, it makes me feel sad and draws me to it. As I mentioned before, I like the color scheme of this poster. I feel that the red ground represents a hellish place that this poor tree has to live in. It gives a representation of a lifeless place. The white background may represent a sky full of pollution. The sun is trying to get through to this tree, but the pollution is so strong, so it makes a bright white cloud. All these elements combined into this poster, in my opinion, show a world with an environment that is just barely hanging

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