Essay on P1 : The Basic Components Of Education

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Main Argument: P1: The basic components of education are common core math, reading, arts and humanities. P2: Individuals taught arts and humanities improve their education. P3: Researchers found that students with a strong background in Arts and Humanities score higher in math and reading. C: Thus, common core math, and reading correlate with arts & humanities


P1: Most students lack the very literacy skills at the primary and secondary levels of school. In 2013, in both reading and math, only 31% of NYS students passed. (Berry, S, 2014) P2: Federal funding for testing literacy skills is limited. 76% of districts in Common Core State Standards (CCSS) states view inadequate funding as a major impediment to effective implementation (Long, R, 2012) P3: Business is saying over 600,000 jobs in the US are left unfilled because of lack of skilled workers. (Long, R, 2012) C: Therefore, available funding would be better spent on the elementary and secondary schools to fund common core testing materials to increase scores.

We start out with the first premise that backs up the dilemma in today’s current generation of students. Officials for NYS education confirm though they have spent millions of dollars on training educators to better prepare students to score higher on proficiency scores, the scores were still low for both math and English. This means there are…

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