P1 : Features Of Programming Languages Essay

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Unit 6 Assignment 3
P1: Features of programming languages
Procedural programming language- This is a type of program that represents how a program works. This type of programming language uses instructions that require a task to perform step by step. Procedural programming can only work if the instructions are step by step because it makes it easy to read and understand and three types of examples are selection, iteration and selection. A typical example of procedural language is COBOL: There are many restrictions In using this program because the programmer has to be very knowledgeable of what he is doing and needs to know how to de bug the program. Another drawback is it is also not that efficient.

Event Driven programming- This is a type of programming language that responds to actions determining on the user input. This type of programming can improve responsiveness and also the flexibility of the program. Event Driven can also be a pattern that allows the flow program to be determined by events. An example of Event Driven programming can be a button but I’m using an example of a key press:

Other examples are, printer error messages and clicking the ‘start’ button on the computer because it is a command and you are actually pressing something.
There are many disadvantages to using in Event driven programming and one of them is, that it is generally used in GUI programming and another factor is it is hard to master meaning it will take a lot of time before you know…

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