P1 Fashion Trends

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P3 describe how a fashion trend is influenced in its development

Fashion and trends can be seen in all aspects of culture such as, literature, art, food, religion etc. However my report would be related specifically to clothing. Fashion trends tend to change very often, some last longer than others. This could further be divided into two terms;

• Fashionable: this is used to describe a current popular style.
• Unfashionable: this is used to describe the style that is out of date or not popular at a particular time.

For businesses within the fashion industry, it is important for them to keep up with the latest fashion trends and to provide them for their customers. If they are unable to do this, customers will turn to their competitors for
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Most businesses find this important, as when more people come into their shop, there is a high tendency of them to spend their money, which will increase their number of sales made.

Russell & Bromley is a retailer that specialises in selling shoes. Their shoes are well displayed on shelves making is convenient for customers to have a better look at the shoes and if they like it they can request for the same pair in their size for them to try on possibly make a purchase. The store is equally divided in sections having the top floor divided into men’s women’s footwear while downstairs is for children’s footwear only. The front of the store (window display) is nicely presented showing new season shoes as well as sales/promotions. They are displayed on a wooden single row on both sides of the store showing men, women and children’s footwear making it look very
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The psychology used in visual merchandising and display techniques of a supermarket maybe different to that of a small corner or department store. For example, in Australia and other countries in the world, supermarkets invest large amounts of money to make it as easy as possible for customers to spend their money. They use very sophisticated applied method of psychology. Anthropologists often refer to it as. "Trolleyology". This is the process whereby everyday products like milk and tea are kept as far away as possible from each other so that customers are distracted by other items and they are made to notice special offers and deals happening at the store. What supermarkets have discovered is that most people shop in an anti-clockwise direction so most supermarket 's will most likely put their offers and promotional items in this part of their stores. For example, at M&S food store, once you walk through the entrance and turn right, immediately you can see the products that are on special promotions such as the special meal deal i.e. a sandwich, drink and pack of crisps for £4.99. Therefore what they have done is that the store has put their main promotions and offers are the place where most people are likely to turn to so that they are not going out of their way to find these deals. Another name for this is "supermarket psychology" that uses a supermarket 's

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