Oyster And Powder Resemblance Claim Essay

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Oyster & Powder Resemblance Claim Essay
After reading and analyzing both short stories “Oyster” and “Powder”, some similarities and differences caught my eyes. “Oyster” is a short story written by famous Russian author Anton Chekhov. “Oyster”, tells a story of a boy and his father who is unemployed, hungry and trying to bring himself to beg for money. In front of a fancy restaurant, a sign which says “oyster” takes the boy’s attention and the hungry boy begs to the rich men for the oysters. Rich men buy him the oyster and make fun of the boy when he bites the shell. Father is still hungry, walking up and down and thinking deeply and their problem is unsolved. Other short story, “Powder” is written by well-known American author Tobias Wolff. “Powder”, tells the story of a ski adventure; a son who always thinks ahead, and a father who lives in the moment. Parents are separated or divorced—unknown—and the father is an irresponsible person. Father needs to take his son back to his mother for the Christmas Eve dinner. Storm starts but father decides to make a last run which turns into a several last runs. In the end, they stuck in a snowstorm. Father’s driving skills and tricks takes his son to his mother on time. And during this adventure the son learns to live in the moment comfortably.
In both stories, fathers have a problem to solve and while the father in the story “Powder” is brave enough to overcome his problems, the father in the “Oyster” is not, thus their problem…

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