owl pellet report Essay

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Owl Pellets


Owl pellets are masses of bone, teeth, hair, feathers and exoskeletons of various animals preyed upon by raptors, or birds of prey. Owls have weak stomach muscles that form undigested bones, feathers, and fur. Because they can’t break those things down they regurgitate them in the form of a ball called a pellet. Owls produce these pellets and regurgitated them approximately 20 hours after eating. The purpose of this lab is to dissect an owl’s pellet and investigate what was on that singular owl’s diet. We are first to do this by identifying the bones of the animals the owl eat.


If I were to examine and dissect a different owl pellet
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Such an example could be the bones of a fish. Sometimes things like paper or plastic could be found in the pellet too.
4. Owls, hawks, and eagles are types of raptors, animals which have hooked beaks and sharp claws, and are therefore adapted for seizing prey animals. Hawks and eagles differ from owls in that they eat their prey animals by tearing them into small pieces, picking out the flesh and avoiding most of the bone material which they might eat. The relatively small amount of indigestible bone and fur that remain will be compacted by their stomach muscles into a pellet similar to the owl’s. Do you think an eagle pellet would be as useful for dissecting as an owl’s? Why or why not? Yes, I think an eagle pellet would be as useful for dissecting as an owl’s pellet. An eagle has a similar diet to an owl’s diet. Eagles and owls both have a similar digestive system. They both regurgitate the parts of their food that they weren’t able to digest in the form of a pellet. They do this process in a very similar manner. Therefore it would be as useful for dissecting

5. Construct a diagram of a food web with an owl at the uppermost trophic level. Use an arrow to show which organism in the consumer or predator.


The purpose of this lab was to examine and analyze an owl pellet to determine what kinds of animals were eaten by the owl that regurgitated the pellet. The independent variable in this lab was the

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