Owen 's Impact On Football Essays

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Owen Thomas had an A-type personality, a vibrant smile, and a bull of a body with fiery red hair. He was an extremely hard-working student and athlete. Not many students knew that Owen was one of the brightest kids in the class with a 4.0 GPA (only told when his friends asked). He was a kind soul in the classroom, but a mythical beast on the football field. He graduated high school with a great reputation but started off college at the University of Pennsylvania with an even better one. Owen was chosen team captain and led the team to an Ivy League Championship. Owen accomplished seventeen straight wins at Parkland High School, the Ivy League Championship ring, trophies, amazed fans, community pride, and so much more. Sadly, it all came with a price. Throughout his years in football, Owen developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a brain disease. It developed in his brain as a result of head trauma from football. Owen Thomas, at the age of twenty-one, killed himself because of his brain disease. The head trauma that continued to get worse resulted in the death of a young and inspirational man. It is critical for athletes to wear a concussion helmet or headband, depending on the sport, to prevent injury or trauma to the brain that could affect the rest of their life.
What is a concussion? Well, a concussion is when the brain moves rapidly inside the skull. It is a brain trauma caused by a direct bluntforce to the head or a whiplash effect. The impact of the force…

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