Essay about Ovid 's Rationalization Of Love

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We have read that the power of love seems to make people do crazy things for no reason other than a magical force somehow controls them. This magical force that seems to existing through all these poems, is known as love. Poets in all eras in history have tried to have a reasonable explanation for this occurrence but they never seem to be able to find an explanation. As we start to look at Roman poetry, the author Ovid’s rationalization of love seems to be a man’s attempt to overcome the love of a puella, which is not the case for the poems by the authors Catullus,, Propertius, and Tibullus. These three poets differ in their description of love, as Ovid would describe their love as weak and poor. The feelings the men are having for the women are suffering from their need to her love. Ovid goes beyond their petty needs to satirize the previous poets expectations of women as he explains his love is not with one want for women, but a love with all of them Ovid’s poems bring out that desire while the other poets are not on his level of thinking to understand the ideas. There seems to be two ways to describe love to women, the first is how a man has power over a women in love, in comparison to a man being deeply entranced by the puella. These two differing opinions seemed to the themes found throughout Roman poetry.

Women seem to have a control over men in some of the Roman poetry we have read about. We see this in way the author’s sexual needs are expressed in their poetry.…

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