Overview of the Movie 12 Angry Men Essay

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1. Introduction
The following report will go into detail about the movie 12 angry men and how the current Jury system operates. It will list all the key turning points, and incorporate how the movie can be portrayed into the real life struggles of the current jury system.
Not only will this report be based on the movie 12 angry men but will also go into detail how whether or not the current jury system within Queensland is beneficial to the community. It discusses why the unanimous verdict must stay for it to be beneficial, and other possible alternatives to the current system.

2. Overview of the movie 12 Angry Men

The Movie 12 Angry Men was originally released in 1957, and later released in 1997. Both the movies have similar
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2.2.3 The accused Alibi: He claimed to have left home at around 11.30 and got home at around 3 am in which that time claims to have seen a movie marathon but could not remember which ones he had seen. Nevertheless, later in Court when on the stand he could remember.

2.3 Key Turning Points

1. The Producing of the Knife: Jury The number 3 brings forward the knife issue. In addition, basis his first assumptions of guilt around the knife. Juror number 8 requests that the knife be brought into the jury room. Juror3 "We all know what the knife looks, so why do we need to see it again. In addition, Jury member number 4 explains all the key points mentioned in 2.2.1. When the knife is brought into the Jury room. Juror4 walks around and puts the knife into the table in front of Juror8 and continues his arguments. Juror8 says it's possible that a different knife was used. Juror3 Says "I say it's not possible. It is then that Juror8 produces an exact copy of the knife and puts it into the table next to the other one. The Jury start to yell and are confused by this new piece of evidence being introduced, thus the creditably of the knife is lowered(2.2.2. 1) The Jury members say that it is illegal to buy the switch knife and want to know where he brought it. However in revealing where he brought the knife Juror8 indivertibly and not directly admits to breaking another law, but not directly. The jury act 1995 part 8 69A section 1

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