Irrational Moral Theory

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• Thoroughly describe Albert Ellis' ABC theory of emotions using an example of your own, including a brief description the five major irrational themes.
Albert Ellis' ABC theory of emotions shows the mechanisms by which people become upset and how they might change negative feelings through certain thinking patterns (Kottler, 2011, pg. 147). Each letter stands for a different stage of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
A: Activating Event. This is the initial event that leads to a particular emotional consequence. For example, I received “D” in midterm in HLTH 212 class.
B: Irrational Belief. Continuing with the example of receiving “D’ in the midterm. I will fail this class, therefore, I will need to repeat this class next semester, therefore,
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I feel relieved and hopeful because I understand that this bad grade is not because that I am bad student and I see that I can receive many potential points, therefore, I can pass this class.

5 major irrational themes:
1. Absolute Demands. One of the most common things which are said when things do not go as planned is “That is not fair”. The world is not a fair place; there are injustices all around (Kottler, 2011, pg. 148). For example, I have heard so many times -rich people do whatever they want and that they live by different rules than middle class.
2. Awfulizing. These irrational beliefs are represented by gross exaggerations of reality in which you think you have suffered the worst tragedy imaginable (Kottler, 2011, pg. 149). Usually you can hear when people exaggerate. For example, my friend’s pants zipper broke and she started crying and said that this is the worst thing that could ever happen.
3. Low Frustration Tolerance. It is bad enough that things did not work out as you had hoped; even worse is to tell yourself that things are intolerable because of this disappointment (Kottler, 2011, pg. 150). For example, it happens with me quite often. I work out, after work out I feel that I am sore and in pain, and what is even worse- I did not even lose any

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