Overview: Current/Popular Project Management Software?

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Option 2 - Current/popular project management software and then discuss one of them in detail.
Project management is an effective approach so that systematic completion can be achieved for any project related with IT, software or from any field. There are number of project management software that can help the project managers to enable tracking and completing process as per the defined approach. These set of software ease the life of project manager and drives significant benefits. The current popular project manager software is as follows.
Current popular project management software
There are various project management tools that are available in the market and these tools significantly help project managers to enable ease of work.
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The major functionality of the application is to manage the developments, resource allocation, progress tracking, budget management and workload analysis. The major features of the MS Projects is driven through creating budgets for the project so as to manage the work assignments and able to drive effective resources as per work requirement. The alignment of resources is done as per task complexity and the software enables the right calculations of the work estimations.
MS Project helps do the necessary calculations for the program and also do the cost analysis for each of work process. The tasks are further rolled for each of the level so that summary tasks can be created and that is enabled at each of the project level. The definition of resource are done on basis of following three elements (people, equipment and materials) and that can be further distributed among the given set of projects on the basis of shared resource pool. Each of the given allocated project resource can have its own calendar entry through the MS Projects.
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Microsoft Project can be further integrated with additional software so as to manage the complex facility that produces physical goods.
The MS Project as an application is done so as to schedule the critical paths and manage the critical chain around set of methodology so that there can be adds on related with third-party is also available. The major functionalities driven by MS Project is around resource level schedules and chains that can be further made visualized using the tool known as the Gantt chart.
Microsoft Project also helps doing recognize of various users class so that it can enable differing access levels so as to facilitate the projects, able to manage the individual views, and other set of data. MS Project can also do the necessary customization of objects like a user can manage the calendars, views, tables, and able to use effective filters, and fields at a high enterprise level for across all users.
MS Projects

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