Overuse Of Technology Essay

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Have cellphones and all the latest technology negatively impacted society more than it has positively?

Everyday you’ll walk by someone and they’ll be on their phone; whether it be checking their Facebook or on a call, people will always be on their phones or handheld device.
In American society, we are prone to relying on technology because of how easy it makes an individual person’s life and how easy it is to obtain.
Technology has also separated families more than bringing them together. In previous generations, children remained close to their families longer; they worked on the farm, in their family business or in their neighborhoods.
For example when you go to a restaurant you’ll see families on their phones or Ipads
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As a country, America was built on dreams and values; we the people fought for what was right not for whats given to us.
Technology has made people believe you should fight (physically or verbally) for anything you want and can 't have.
The overuse of technology has made us as a society lazy and lack initative to make something of ourselves as individual.
Technology has sucked all motivation out of all the younger generations in todays world.
Instead of working or going to college, people in todays society would rather sue others that have made it in society.
Kids,teenagers, and even adults now isolate themselves from family and loved ones.
Parents can 't even control their kids due to technology and how it can make them look bad as parents.
America used to be known for its values and nows its the laughing stock for all other countries because of overuse of technology.

As technology has progressed, education has went on the decline.
The United stated of America has went from number one to number 18 out of 36 nations.
Granted technology has improved access to information, it has also opened way oppurtunities for misleading
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People can use technology to rob people of their privacy, safety, and just plain bash (verbally) others for no reason.
Another horrific fact is that its even harder to catch cyber bullys!
Every kind of bullying causes people to go into depression, drink, or even commit suicide.

How is are societys ethics looking right now as whole?
Ethics or moral philosophy is the branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.
Not only does technology make people isolate from one another but is also makes people lack empathy.
When you lose empathy, you lose your humanity.
People without empathy or remorse tend to be more violent and develop mental issues.
You lose respect for others and lose all your cultural background, when you dont control the usage of technology.

Basic skills to know
People have become way to reliant on technology that most americans couldnt tell you how to make a fire!
Basic skills should be known are: farming, fishing, hunting, finding and purifying water, and cooking and cleaning

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