Overprotective Parents Essay

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Home is Where the Safety is
Fatal stabbing near school. Man missing for six days. Teenage pregnancies on the rise. Every time we turn on the news, we find the latest horrific headline on our screens. With every new headline, we hear the ear-deafening shriek of an overprotective parent nearby. Most people hearing this on their television sets wouldn’t even bat an eye, but not to the demanding mom down the road.
Overprotective parents hover around their children like a helicopter chasing down an escaped convict. Their intentions are pure as they just want keep their children safe. However, they don’t realize that they are crossing the line with their parenting methods. These parents are evil dictators forcing their children to follow severe rules for the sake of their own sanity. But what happens to the child when they are faced with this every single second of their life? Those who are overwhelmed with overprotection at a young age are more likely to resist their parents when they’re older.
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A parent that has very strict rules at home will expect that their child follows their system to a tee. However, the communication between the two parties becomes so irrational because the parent’s reasons for denying the child are never justified. Parents love to beat around the bush instead getting to their point directly. “You’re not allowed to go because I said so,” is a statement that could make a kid’s head explode. These replies are like tornado warnings; they appear to be non-threatening at first however, they have an enormous impact in the end. Instead of giving a clear, sensible explanation, the groundless responses most parents give these days can be very frustrating to their children. These children may grow up to despise their parents for this. This causes the child to go against their parents later on in life when they have more

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