Overpopulation Should Be Limited Essay example

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Overpopulation should be limited I could not describe my feeling before two months when I and my husband saw a very sad scene in the documentary film. This scene showed me how poor families are struggling to survive in extremely difficult conditions. The reporter walked among crowded areas that are fall off deteriorating building, traffic jams, and piles of trash. He conducted an interview with an Egyptian man, who live in that area, and asked him about his family, and how could they live under the pressure of poverty. The man said” I am responsible for nine children, my mother is disabled. Three of my children left the school and work as waiters to help me to meet the family’s need of food and water. Our suffering is renewed every day”. This Egyptian man is one from more than 3 million citizens who live in poverty society due to the rapid population growth in Egypt. Overpopulation has become a global crisis that is discussed widely by the experts to find appropriate solutions to slow this growth. Unfortunately, there is no awareness in the less developed countries about the importance of maintaining the population growth at a stable rate. The necessity to limit the overpopulation by the governments stems from its harmful impacts on people, environment, and development. Opponents of population limitation say that the population growth is a vital matter to ensure the continuation of human life, and the existence of labor work. Some scientists concerned about…

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