Overpopulation Is Not The Problem Essay

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An essential key to life is reproduction. Though out the last couple of years, the world population has expanded in great amounts. There are many factors which are allowing approximately 7.3 billion people to survive on one earth. Some believe that in the upcoming years, we are inviting trouble for ourselves. Our world population is expanding every day and the earth is unable to keep up with all our every day activities. “Overpopulation Is Not the Problem” by Erle C. Ellis, “Overpopulation Is Not the Problem? Really?” by Robert Walker, “Overpopulation is Still the Problem” by Alon Tal and “The overpopulation myth” by Fred Pearce all discuss their opinions on the current issue of overpopulation. Both Walker and Tal believe we should recognize overpopulation as a serious issue and should not take it lightly. On the other hand, Ellis no longer believes this is true. According to him, there “is no such thing as a human carrying capacity”. Pearce also tends to agree with Ellis. In fact, he argues that the real problem is over-consumption rather than overpopulation. Although Ellis, Walker, Tal and Pearce do not agree on a problem, they all believe that a important step is recognition.

Ellis claims overpopulation is not the problem. He believes it is necessary to understand through out all these years, social service and technology have been playing a huge role in our lives. Ellis began to further his research in China, where he met the agricultural economist Ester Boserup.…

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