Are There Too Many Of Us?: Article Analysis

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According to the United States Census Bureau’s global population clock, in the time it takes to read this sentence, approximately four children are born and two people will have died. Our planet’s population equals a mere seven billion. I say mere because researches have agreed that in the next three decades the count will nearly double, reaching a predicted maximum of eleven billion. Today’s generations face the most difficult and complex struggles in history, such as world hunger, energy sustainment, and global warming. In one way or another, each example is traceable to a single, underlying problem – overpopulation. Two articles address the nature of this problem. One article, Are There Too Many of Us?, by an anonymous author discusses significance …show more content…
Early in the text, the author recounts a statement by the Pope made in January of 2015 which indirectly connects overpopulation to climate change by telling his people there is no need to “breed like rabbits” (“Are There Too Many of Us?”). This remark helped to lower a racial wall which had kept researchers in silence for some time. Emphasizing the generality of this statement, the sensitivity is derived from the idea of industrialized countries, consisting of mostly Caucasian citizens, declaring that developing countries, the majority of which are of color, should limit the amount of children a couple can bear. Developing countries tend to have the largest population growth rates, contributing significantly to the world’s population as well as global warming due to inefficient methods of industry (“Are There Too Many of Us?”). Inversely, industrialized countries consume a greater amount of resources, amplifying the issues of hunger, energy, and so on. The sum of these statements advocate the relevance overpopulation has worldwide, in both established and developing countries, and moreover, the article’s conclusion proposes a potential

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