Overpopulation Is Avoided Only Using Technology Control Population Growth

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200 years ago, world population was less than 1 billion people. During the next hundred years world population increased by half a billion and finally known an incredible growth in the last century going from 1.5 billion people in the late 19th century to over 7 billion in the early 21 century. This great increase was possible due to an increase of life quality and progress in technology allowing lower birth death, as it was earlier in history. But the earth is not expendable, it has his own limits and we had already reached these limits, overexploiting resources and not being able to reuse them or at least only a few (worldwide, only 1% of the energy come from renewable resources while 38% comes from oil). Overpopulation starts to be a really big deal nowadays, and that’s why we should start thinking at can overpopulation be avoided only using technology to control population growth?
If population growth is not regulated, this will lead to the death of the earth and thus the death of our habitat.
From my point of view, human species is like other wild species and will follow the same scientific concepts of regulation.
Key considerations
• Based on the current growth rate, there will be more than 9 billions people on earth in 2050 according to United Nations predictions.
• Technology has helped world population growth in the past but today it’s helping it to slow down (birth control pill, education, etc.)
• However, technology might not be needed to regulate…

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