Overpopulation In Hawaii Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Hawaii is a good example of how human beings destroy natural habitats and eliminate other species. Before the arrival of humanity, Hawaii was biologically diverse and unique. There were at least 125 and as many as 145 species of birds that could be found there. However, now there are only 35 of the original species of birds still alive, and 24 of them are endangered. (Nature's last stand) The developments and human activities destroyed the natural habitat, and only one quarter of the land remains untouched. Humans transform forest into farms and houses. Many species disappeared since they lost their living place. Moreover, the immigration of non native species was another reason for habitat destruction. Humans carried non native species to Hawaii. Those non native species do not have any predator and competitor, so they can develop their population rapidly. Those non native species also rippled up the food chain; they have reduced the food sources of the native species which lead to the disappearance of the native …show more content…
Domestic pigs were carried to Hawaii by humans, and when humans release the domestic pigs to the natural environment, the domestic pigs make enormous damage to the forest in Hawaii. The population of domestic pigs growth rapidly, because of they don't have any competitor and predator. They eat whatever they can found in the forest, uprooting and toppling tree ferns. Moreover, they also leaving their droppings at everywhere and spreading the seeds in their droppings. The result is plants grow at everywhere and become over crowed. The domestic pigs caused a huge change to the habitat. The changes of habitat leaded to the extinction of some native species, because they lost their foods and living places. When humans noticed the problem, they sent teams of pig hunters and specially trained dog to hunt the pigs. Humans had cut domestic pigs population, but humans could never eliminate them. Another example is house cats, that they also make a huge damage to Hawaii's natural environment. House cats hunt and kill birds, which has lead to the extinction of some Hawaii native

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