Overpopulation And Its Effects On The World Essay

1025 Words May 17th, 2016 5 Pages
The Earth’s vast amount of natural resources has created a world where humans grow and advance beyond what could be imagined. This bountiful land has given humans a place to advance in all aspects of living. Human kind stripped everything from the Earth and took advantage of what seemed endless. Population grew into the billions and soon enough problems began to occur. People started looking into how long humans could sustain this form of living without consequence. Overpopulation and the thousands of other problems attached to it appeared and society neglected its existence on the Earth. Overpopulation is negatively impacting the world and nations must economically and socially contribute in order to control population growth. Society believes that advancements in technology and wealth will solve problems that occur with overpopulations, but it only worsens it. “...with growing economic inequality, it was easy for wealthy populations to conclude that they were immune to the effects of overpopulation. There was also an element of ‘political correctness,’ in that the problems of overpopulation were mainly the problems of poor people in poor regions” (Angell). Families and areas with wealth believe that they are invincible against overpopulation, when the fact is that overpopulation affects every single person on the Earth. War, disease, poor sanitation, and lack of safety were all major ways that population was cut in history, but with the advancements in technology…

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