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The water resource problem in the video is overfishing. Overfishing is a problem that occurs when fishermen catch fish at a rate faster than they can reproduce. I think overfishing originated when fishermen began using bigger and better fishing nets and techniques. Better fishing equipment resulted in overfishing, which is a major water resource problem. Depletion of the fish population is a problem that could be managed. Even though, it is difficult for the depleted stocks to return to

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The actions plans that I would take to educate people would require many steps. First, I would send e-mails, about overfishing and what could be done to help the problem; to all the people I know and I would ask them to send it to everyone they know. Next, I would also try to get articles put in the newspapers around the world discussing the issue. Then, I would try to get the issue talked about on the news, daily.

My action steps I would take to have a restriction put on areas of the ocean, to limit fish fishermen could catch in a certain area and in a certain amount of time, and to set rules that would stop fishermen from catching and discarding too many fish, would be to contact people that have the authority to have these things done and discuss my plans. There are many people that would have to be involved to have these things done.

Environmentalists and fishermen would view my plan, both negatively and positively. Environmentalists would view my management and sustainment plan positively because it would help the fish population. I think fishermen would view my plan negatively because it would put restraints on them. On the other hand, fishermen would also like my plan because it does not eliminate fishing, just the amount.

There are other problems, besides declining fish stock, that result from fishermen’s techniques for catching
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