Essay about Overcrowded And The Prisoners During The Basements And Lofts

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overcrowded and the prisoners had to sleep in the basements and lofts. There was no insulation in their living space and it was a marshy ground. There were more than 700 hundred people that were assigned to each barrack. These barracks lacked any true heating, and the facilities were not sanitary. There was also another kind of barrack. The prisoners in Birkenau slept in barns where horses would sleep. Each stall would contain three wooden bunk beds. Several hundred prisoners would live in each of these barracks or barn. Dampness, leaky roofs, and the decaying of straw and straw mattresses were a struggle for prisoners. Some prisoners would suffer from diarrhea, and that made the living conditions worse. We can see Hitler 's cruelty towards many people. The barracks were filled with bugs and rats. There was not clean water, and there was a shortage of water. Prisoners in the camp would receive three meals a day. One in the morning, afternoon, and at night. The nutritional value of food was not good. Those that worked harder would receive more calories. Those that worked harder would receive 1,700 calories a day. For those who did not do hard labor would receive 1,300 calories. Many people in these camps would starve, which would then eventually end in death. In each concentration camp, the routine of the day was very strict. Prisoners would spend about ten hours a day working. The rest of the time people would remove dirt and bugs from clothing. On March 31, 1942, Hitler…

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