Essay Overcoming The Fear Of Failure

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Overcoming The Fear of Failure
Overcome the fear of failure, and failure will become your utmost success. Let’s go on a journey as I reflect on the impact that the fear of failing had on my life. I am the youngest of 3, although it has always felt like I was the oldest, I call it the unusual hierarchy, I was raised by my mother who worked several jobs just to keep a ruff over my head and provide me with the bare essentials. My father was a traveling musician who was murdered by the time I was 4 years old. To make this introduction of myself short I have had major trials and circumstances to face and overcome. By the end of this journey it is my hope that you are inspired, and uplifted through my life’s lesson. electrified the entire scope. Large trees and the greenest grass surrounded me, it was my place of true serenity. There were no expectations of me in this place and it gave me a freedom from my chaotic life.
By the time I turned 15 years old, I had experience being molested repeatedly. My sense of worth and esteem was diminished to say the least, and I was now caring for two of my sister’s children still with the expectation of failure not being an option. I was so afraid of what anyone would think of me, and how many people I would let down if I failed at anything. Then it happened the very thing that I worked so hard at happened. I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t tell anyone for 6 months of the pregnancy. Needless to say I had no choice but to tell…

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