Overcoming Stereotypes In Amy Tan's Broken English Language

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broken-English speakers are not.
Despite all the hardships that Tan and her mother deal with she enjoys “the challenge of disproving assumptions made” about her. (4) Since Tan has experienced the limits and stigmas that were made of her mother because of her broken English, she was determined to overcome those barriers herself. She majored in English and became a writer, but as she became better she no longer thought of language “Like others,” that “have described it to people as ‘broken’ or ‘fractured’ English.” (2) Tan began to shift in the way she thought about language. She wanted to overcome the stigmas that were made of her mother, but by attempting to overcome them, she validates them as true. Tan later thinks of “wittily crafted sentences, sentences that prove I had mastery over the English language” as trivial, and with lines like “line: ‘That was my mental quandary in its nascent state.’ A terrible line, which I can barely pronounce.” (4)
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This “broken” English has brought her closer to her mother and has given her that well-built connection in order to overcome a live a day to day life. Amy Tan did not want to be part of a society that misjudged those that aren’t efficient English speakers. Well educated people might think of these people as not willing to learn, but this is not always their choice and like Amy’s mother they are always trying to do it themselves but at the end they have to turn to their families for

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