Overcoming Obstacles In My Educational Career

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Throughout my educational career, I have overcame many obstacles. Overcoming certain obstacles needed a support system that could put the balance within my life. Relating to other students as well. I have learned that when a support system is failing, it greatly affects my educational career. Where even one of my greatest downfalls was flunking a grade. The biggest supports and obstacles are your family, your social life, and yourself as a person. Everyone does make mistakes, but it 's up to them to fix it. It 's always up to the person to find a way to fix their problems, it is your own responsibility to find your own supports to help motivate you throughout your hardships. Family can be your greatest obstacle. It can affect your personality and it can affect your way of thinking. Such as a member becoming extremely sick, mentally and physically . One of my siblings had …show more content…
I got all of my school work finished, but not to the best of my ability. My social life became corrupted. People didn 't understand why I became so mean. People do not understand, alongside the teachers as well. Many would think that teachers are always there for your support. But as it turns out they have a fat biased. If you don 't talk to them or become their favorite some way or another, they will grade your paper down. I have came to the realization was that my family was my biggest support system. Even with my ups and downs they never went as far as leaving me as an outcast because of the many conflicts I have ran into. Which is a big deal with my sanity because one way or another my siblings were always there to cheer me on in my education. When people decided to reject me my brothers, my sister, and both of my parents were always there to talk to me. We do have our arguments. There are times when I am so infuriated with them that I can spit but I always know if i need any type of help they are always

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