Overcoming Depression And Its Effects On Depression Essay

1185 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
As humans, everyone at some point in their lives go through a critical stage of sadness. However, some struggle through the battle, making it nearly impossible to overcome. This type of situation can cause a trigger to a mental illness known as Depression. With this illness, everyday tasks become difficult for them to go on through their day. Trying to overcome depression is like trying to overcome a breakup, you need to constantly work at it until you forget it is there. Taking control of depression is not easy, but with time, positivity, and determination it will be easier and a lot better to control.
The first stage is understanding that this will take time. The key to this is by having patience. Time as in months on end, depression does not go away within the day or week. You also have to understand you must to continuously work on it. You must never stop doing this, for it will continue to come time and time again. Just like a breakup, it takes time to overcome. Knowing this can be difficult as some people would want it to go away within that day. They build the confidence thinking that the depression has gone away, but then the next day it hits harder. Constant reassurance is needed in this, “try things out slowly, and experiment with change one step at a time” (Strategies for Overcoming Depression). Do not rush the process, A good way to remind yourself this is by taking breathing steps. In order to do this you must breathe in, hold in for five seconds, and then…

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