Personal Essay: Overcoming Barriers In My Class

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Barriers are things that stand in someone’s way; they’re something to overcome. A person can face several barriers, from having trouble getting promoted to being themselves.
I am different from most people, I always have been. I remember going to school for the first time. It was a small school, with only one or two classes per grade, and I went there through eighth grade. I entered my class the first day with the naive thought of everyone getting along. I tried to become friends with everyone in my class and I eventually joined a group of girls, who ended up being the “popular” kids. Two years later in first grade, they started to pick on me because of my differences and, in their eyes, I no longer met their standards. As a result, they kicked me out of their group. I made new friends in third grade, but they left my school the next year and I was alone. No one wanted to be friends with me because I was both different and a reject.
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I decided instead of having people who pretended to be my “friend”, I rather be by myself. Reading advanced books increased my intelligence and I I acquired the best grades in my class, but it also gave people another reason to pick on me. In math class, I would always read after finishing my work, followed by others in my class attempting to get me in trouble for it. Luckily, all of the teachers liked me, but it got me the title of teachers pet which didn’t help my situation either.
During the summer, I went to summer camp. I sat alone, like I had at school, only there to learn about computers and science. To my surprise, two people came over and talked to me. Their names were Aidan and Matthew. They wanted to know if I had Mario Kart, a racing game, and if I would play it with them. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was lacking in my social skills, I didn’t trust them, and I believed they had an ulterior motive for talking to

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