Essay about Overcoming Adversity By Helen Keller

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Helen Keller, a young woman practically born into adversity. At the age of 2 she grew ill and became deaf, mute, and blind, but still she learned to communicate and do everyday things, as if she wasn’t deaf and blind. She faced an adversity that people thought she could not handle but she pushed through and became an extremely well known person that many people look up to. When one is faced with adversity, they experience obstacles increasing in difficulty and those who overcome those obstacles become stronger and more successful, than those who give up when they do not get immediate results. The best way to overcome adversity is to understand that adversity is inevitable, think of the positive in everything, and realize that there are always people who have it worse.
Adversity is inevitable. It can’t be hidden from and one can’t run away from it. It is in everyday life, behind almost every closed door and once its opened adversity is going to be faced. States that, “There are floods, tsunamis, wars, and calamities of all types. Even within your own circle of family and friends there is death, loss and tragedy. Although pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”(unknown). An example of this would be a young girl named Malala. She is a young Pakistani girl who stands up for women’s education. The Taliban ends up threatening her and finding her on the school bus, shooting her at point blank range in the head. She makes a miraculous recovery and still chose to continue…

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