Overcoming Abuse : My Story By Shawna Platt Essay example

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In “Overcoming Abuse - My Story”, Shawna Platt talks about her own experience with abuse and how she was able to survive and eventually overcome it. Platt grew up with abusive parents, in an environment of alcoholism which was filled with physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, anxiety, and denial. Platt believes that forgiveness is important in order to stop the cycle of abuse so it doesn 't get passed on to the next generation. Platt’s usage of pathos, tone, and detailed descriptions of abuse in the essay accomplishes her efforts to inform the reader that forgiving others is the key to overcoming abuse and moving on in life. Platt shares her personal experience with overcoming abuse to target the people who are experiencing abuse themselves. She wants to show them that forgiving the people who are responsible for making you go through tough situations is the answer to overcoming abuse and stopping it from being passed on to your kids. She experienced abuse at a very young age but she decided to forgive her parents who were to blame. By doing that she was able to overcome abuse and move on from what she went through in her life. Through the essay, she also informs the readers who have never seen abuse in their life how it feels to go through abuse and how it can lead to emotional issues, anxiety, panic attacks, as well as issues of trust. Platt uses pathos to appeal to the readers’ emotions. By describing the situations she had to go through as a child she makes the…

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