Over The Garden Wall Heroic Cycle

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The Heroic Cycle of Over the Garden Wall Over the Garden Wall is a mini-series that revolves around stepbrothers Wirt and Greg trying to find their way out of the woods and back home. The show starts off rather mysteriously with little context on the situation at hand other than that vague information. In the very first episode Wirt and Greg run into a woodsman that continuously warns them of an evil beast that lurks the woods and tells Wirt, since he’s the older of the two, how he should take care of his brother. Eventually, they meet a talking bluebird named Beatrice who claims to need to help them find their way back home since Greg helped untangle her from a bush. The rest of the show is about the trio dealing with and meeting multiple different people to solve the puzzle of what the beast is and how to return home. The roles …show more content…
The lantern that the woodsman was always seen with ends up playing a big part in the end. Even though a couple possibilities were given as to why it played such an important part in the story it’s never actually answered, so that question is answered purely by how the watcher interprets it. When Wirt ends up with the lamp he flows out the flame inside. The screen then fades to black with only the sound of Wirt’s and Beatrice’s farewells being heard. Next thing you know Wirt is waking up in the lake. The “fall from grace” occurs when Wirt realizes that Beatrice’s original intentions were to bring him and his brother to a witch named Adelaide who was going to use them as servants under order of the beast. Immediately after such a startling realization Wirt begins to lose hope and ends up not caring if he and his brother get back home. Even with Greg doing his best to try and cheer up Wirt nothing seems to work. Wirt only gets better after Greg leaves to bargain with the beast, but at that point it’s nearly too

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