Outsourcing Jobs At The United States Essay

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Businesses Outsourcing Jobs Every years the amount of jobs being moved to other countries rises creating problems for The United States. Businesses claim that is the low operation cost and cheap transpiration compared to the United States that drives them out of the country. Although, it does help the business save money to grow into a worldwide corporation it affects the United States in a negative way by leaving many without jobs. The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics ' Displaced Worker Survey, released in January 2004, provides us some insight into the reemployment rates for workers. For workers who were displaced between 2001-2003, it shows that 35% were unemployed in January 2004, and of the 65% who were employed, only 43% earned at least as much as they did before displacement. Outsourcing work may help other counties but hurts the United States; therefore, business should not move work to other countries like China and India.
Moving factory’s overseas has created situations for the people in the United States like high unemployment rates, weak economy and financial ruin in families all over the country. The everyday working class does not have the power to bring the work back. Only powerful businessmen and consumers do. By buying products only made in America it sends a message to the company’s that there will be no more of outsourcing the work or they will go out of business. Blumenthal estimates that, in recent years, the practice has cost at least 27,300…

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