Outrigger Case Study Essay

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Executive Summary

The ‘Outrigger Hotels and Resorts’ was founded in 1967 with an idea of making the middleman’s dream to paradise a reality. By 2004, this firm had grown to 3600 employees, a wide portfolio of properties in various international locations, and revenues of approximately US 45 million dollars. Some of its key assets which the firm leveraged on were: Premier locations in the markets, strong name and recognition, relationship with the travel distribution network, focus on vacation destinations, local knowledge and community ties and good employee relations.
IT had provided Outrigger a very big edge over its competitors. The highly developed nature of its IT department, their understanding of the business needs and the
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With the internet becoming the center where the world converges, Outrigger must be a part.
Improving trademark hospitality and customer service to maintain its strategic positioning

For the non tech savvy customer and otherwise, Outrigger must maintain its characteristic hospitality, its community ties, and its special touch while building on customer service.
Since Outrigger has customers ranging from a huge income range, there are people looking for just the holistic Hawaii experience irrespective of the amount they need to pay. Outrigger must ensure they cater to the needs of its wide customer base and keep doing what they do best.

Bring its international brands together

The centralized nature of its operations was the key to the success of Outrigger when it was small. With the increasing size, and wide geographical presence, Outrigger must accept the challenges that distance poses. Telecommunications is not cheap and international networks cannot be relied on. Outrigger must build a strategy to decentralize its operations in a way that is more productive in terms of bringing information about reservations in different international locations together and at the same time ensuring cost effectiveness.


IT Strengths
IT moves hand in hand with business. First CIO hired as early as 1986. JD Edwards ERP was cornerstone of its back office years before the ERP craze swept the business world. Chat facilities

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