Outlook for Computer Support Specialist Within the Next 5-10 Years

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Introduction Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed working with computers and finding ways to solve problems. Whenever my family and I had computer problems we would hire computer specialists to fix our computers. Among those specialists was a busboy who worked at my family’s Thai restaurant; and on the side he operated a computer support store. Another specialist is a good friend of mine who works at Volkswagen as a computer support specialist; he has stopped by my house several times to retrieve corrupted files, reformat computers, in addition to adding more memory storage. I was always fascinated by his techniques. For example, he was able to fix my
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Purpose and Scope

The goal of my research is to determine the viewpoint for a Computer Support Specialist. The purpose of this study will be to collect key information, evaluate the information and then use it to form an approximation on what the outlook will be for a Computer Support Specialist in the future. Components such as the employment opportunities, school choices and tuition; the weekly hours, and also the advantages and disadvantages will be put into consideration in this research.
Report Organization This report will be organized into three main categories; education, employment opportunities, and expectations. The end of this report will have recommendations and conclusions about the outlook for Computer Support Specialist in the next 5-10 years.
Sources and Methods As a method of data collection, I interviewed Semir Hadzic about school choices and cost also, opportunities. Other sources such as the internet and books are also going to be used as a secondary source to learn a broader span of information. As secondary sources I will be using the Bureau of Labor Statistics bls.gov, Macomb Community College (Macomb.edu), Walsh College (Walshcollege.edu), World Wide Learn (World Wide Learn.com), Payscale.com,

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