Outline the Current Leglislation Covering Home Based Childcare and the Role of the Regulatory

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Topic 1 Assessment task 1
The upmost importance to being a home-based child care provider is the children’s wellbeing.
It is also paramount that I have a professional, open and honest relationship with the parents/carers and it is essential that we are able to communicate with each other.
If it was the case that I had a family who had recently moved to the U.K my first priority would be to ascertain if they could speak and understand English. If there was no language barrier I would discuss the legislations in place and inform them that as a child-minder I have to follow legislations as acts of law and also explain the role of the regulatory body Ofsted to which I have to adhere to, I would also give them written information to
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`To reach an overall judgement, inspectors will ask themselves ‘what difference is this provider making to the learning, development and progress of children in their care? ` (Ofsted)
Once registered the certificate of registration must be displayed and be available for parents to view.
A self evaluation form from Ofsted will be sent prior to an inspection, Child-minders are asked to fill in the form giving information about the setting and the views of those who use the setting, and asking themselves whether the children’s needs are being met with regards to feeling safe, achieving, and enjoying their learning. Included in the forms, is questions covering the EYFS Setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.
Ofsted inspectors will carry out checks on your child-minding services at regular intervals; you will be issued with a report setting out their findings. The report includes the description of the setting and the overall quality of the early year’s provision, the effectiveness of the leadership of the provision and any actions they feel you must take. This report will also be published on the internet and must be available for parents to view. Ofsted can take action against you if the national standards and other requirements are not met.
All these systems are in place to ensure that children receive the best possible care in all the settings they attend away from their home.

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