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Throwing Punches On and Offline
Although bullying has been an issue faced by many students through the years, the emergence of social media technology has made it more widespread and tragic incidents have brought it to the public's attention. (Cyber)-bullying has become a major issue in schools, the work place, and depending on the situation, possibly home as well.
While the definition of bullying can differ depending on the individual who may not necessarily feel that intimidation has anything to do with it, or by the perpetrator who might assume there is no harm in what is taking place. Bullying is defined as: using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Often times, a person who is bullied can develop long lasting issues, that may result in them becoming a bully.
According to a 2013 report on bullying in secondary schools, up to 45% of students are reported to be involved, whether they are the ones bullying or the ones being bullied. Roughly 25% are bullied regularly, and the other 20% are bullying others around them (Bullying Statistics, 2013). Parents, teens, and kids have pursued others for help in dealing with situations that could be considered
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Being a student, suspension is usually one of the first choices in working towards resolving an issue. A lot of times mediation is used as well to allow communication between peers. For adults, it can be a lot more serious. This is where criminal convictions play into the subject. Some of these convictions can ultimately result in jail time. On a personal note, bullying has more of a lasting effect on both parties involved. For example, individuals who feel they have no other option but to leave this world, commit suicide. This is damaging to the family of the victim along with the person who was responsible for that person's

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