Outline Of The Issue Osa Has Having With Obtaining Data And Documents From Nc Fast

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Outline of the issue OSA has been having with obtaining data and documents from NC-FAST.

1) FNS/SNAP data
2) TANF data file
3) SNAP Testing Environment
4) Medicaid Performance Audit
5) Access to JIRA and HPQC
6) Monthly data
7) NC FAST IT Audit

Overarching issues:
This section is a list of issues that happen often and regardless of the data or items requested. Many, if not all of these issues can be prevented with minimal effort. Some steps are in the process of being put in place to elevate many of these issues for the repeated data requests but these issues will remain for all ad hoc audit requests. These issues ultimately cause DHHS to have to spend additional time and resources on the OSA requests and also cause a ballooning effect on the bill from OSA to DHHS.

• Data is not being verified before being sent to OSA o Data often has to be re-requested.
• Data is not consistent between years and/or quarters (Data had one set of fields and field names in year 1 and some different fields and many different field names in year 2.) o This causes scripts that were written for the data set to not function and have to be rewritten. o This also causes confusion when both the Auditors are looking at the data and when the Auditors talk with DHHS about the data.
• The same issues recur year after year. o The same issues have to be re-resolved every year.
• Data is not correct when sent o Data often has to be re-requested.
• Data re-requests are not given a priority (still take…

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