Outline Of Plank Goal For Ua Essay example

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Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour (UA), had a dilemma of profusely sweeting during practice and being weighed down by his clothing. Since Plank was a walk-on football player for the University of Maryland football team avoiding physical activity would not solve his problem. Thus, commence Plank search for a material that did not weigh him down due to accumulated sweat. He found a fabric, which is usually used in women’s lingerie, that its “inner wear wicked away sweat thus keeping the outwear light (Wheelen 20-4). He sent sample to some current and former teammates and friends. Plank believes in the significance of player recommendations in the success of his company.
Current Situation & Strategic Managers
Plank goal for UA is to make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. UA provide the best performance apparel and footwear at comparable prices to their competitors like Nike. They aim is to get at least three percent of market share in the international market which has over thirty-one billion dollars in sales. That would double UA current revenue.
UA has eleven members are on the BOD. Domestic experience ranges from working at ESPN, Sirius radio, and various investment firms. International experience ranges from working at Neiman Marcus and one member is a retired Admiral from the U.S. Navy. UA has eight independent committee members with three each serving in the audit, compensation, and corporate governance…

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