Outline Of A Weekly Focus On The Federal System Essay

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Weekly Focus 2 In our government we have different branches that act as major keys in our federal system. We have the Legislative branch that is made up by the Senate and the House of Representatives, which is also known as Congress, the Executive branch that is made up by the President and his cabinet, and the Judicial branch that is made up by the supreme court. Each has specific jobs, but are not given full power to do whatever they want. If the executive branch does not approve a law made by the legislative branch, then they can veto the bill. This is our idea of checks and balances. Each branch has multiple but very specific and important jobs to make sure our nation can be as effective as possible. “In the two centuries of American federalism, no national institution has been more important than the U.S supreme court” (Gitelson 93). The Judicial branch has a huge role in making our country support dual federalism, which gives each section of government a responsibility for “Distinct policy functions” (Gitelson 83). This actor also has the ability to overturn laws like it did in 1999, when Florida gained immunity from being sued over patent rights. Most supreme court decisions support the idea of state-centered federalism, where the national government gives local government more power to create their own policies. These policies range from legalizing marijuana to abortion. Next we have our Executive branch that is made up by the President and his cabinet. The role…

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