Outline Of A Project On The App Essay

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1. During the initial phase we determined what project we wanted to take on and brainstormed about what features we wanted to add to the app. I helped brainstorm ideas and came up with idea to add an alarm-widget to the app, so that it could better appeal to the average user. Although this idea did not make it on to our final project and was low on our priority list, I still feel as though it could have greatly improved our app.
During the second phase we determined the requirements we wanted our project to have. I contributed by suggesting some requirements for our project to have. Some of suggested were taken while other were rejected. I also had a high role to determine the priority for our functional requirements. Lastly I refined the System Overview to one that was suitable of a system overview.
During the third phase we determined the technology and developed our diagrams. I contributed by completing the Technology sections. I also refined the System Overview to one that was finally accepted as a complete system overview.
During the implementation phase of the project, I helped out with coding of our app. Specifically I was in charge of creating the dictation menu and making sure that it used easy key words that allowed the user to access the information they wanted. I also had to make the dialogue as efficient as possible, as the dialogue went on far too long in the beginning. This was one of the main features of the app so it had great importance.
During the testing…

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