Essay on Outline Of A Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation
The purpose of this assignment is to help you begin forming responses to common interview questions. You are welcome to reference this document as we practice interviewing in class. You are welcome to use bulleted statements or type in full sentences for this assignment (I usually find bulleted statements more useful…that way, you don’t try to memorize specific lines, but focus on key points you want to communicate).
Tell me about yourself. (Fill in the common content areas below).
Education: Currently, I am a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I am majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and business management. I choose this major because I have a strong passion in wanting to know how business helps the world daily, so that it can run smoothly.
Experience: I have gained numerous experiences in my short work career thus fur, especially in the area of customer service. My first work experience came with working for Cub Foods, there I learned how to effectively approach customers, so that they can feel more comfortable in the store. Currently, I work at a car wash where I get to apply my customer service knowledge by listening and applying to what the customers are telling me.
Skills: A skill that I possess which can be very important for any organization to have is my listening skills abilities. I always want to hear people’s inputs, whether in a group, or personal situation. I…

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