Outline Of A Formal Organization Essay

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A. Formal Organization. (Pg. 175) Secondary groups designed to achieve explicit objectives. These gangs are very intricate but also seem very disoriented. While a majority of the gangsters are low level runners, there’s more control as you go up the ranks. Someone could be a drug runner, then get promoted to maybe making the drugs instead. This formal type of organization is which enables this gang to function. Its not as much of a formal organization but it is essentially organized crime. While the group doesn’t necessarily have a final objective, it has many smaller objectives that it would like to take care of on a daily basis. One of these objectives would be to control turf. The MS13 controls turf by using force. Certain individuals within the gang would be the muscle for the gang. They would strong arm their way on to a rival gang’s turf and take over. They would tag the walls with their own gang signs so everyone knew that this was now their turf. The drug trade also makes this gang very organized. While there may be many runners on the streets selling drugs, there is usually one guy at the top. One guy that controls the drug trade for his area, and he probably never has to see his product. He will have people making the product, shipping the product, and selling the product. Hes in charge of the money.
B. Leadership. (Pg. 161) Everyone is influenced by leaders. While the MS13 may not have a single leader, they have a select few within their clicks that act as…

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