Outline Of A Capstone Project Essays

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Capstone Literature review
Name: Jevon Mckiver
Capstone problem statement: The long term effect of Plastic not being recycled properly and thrown into the environment will be devastating. Thiers enough plastic water bottles to actually stretch around the earth three times. The energy we waste using plastic water bottles would be enough energy to power 190,000 homes. Plastic bottles make up to nearly 63% of all plastics accumulated in streams, lakes, and rivers. There are billions of tons of plastic in the oceans causing a substantial amount of damage to marine wildlife. Plastic is so common its injuring humans chemically 93% of all humans over the age of 6 are tested positive for the plastic chemical BPA. The production of plastic water bottles has increased the amount of plastic accumulated in water sources while also damaging humans and wildlife. Plastic water bottles decompose after dozens of years and if incinerated, they will release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere for example chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals.

Synthetic polymers in the marine environment: A rapidly increasing, long-term threat (SPME-LTT-sciencedirect.com)
This article shows the effects of plastic in a ocean ecosystem and other water sources. Synthetic polymers in the marine environment also details how plastic in marine environments have consequences not just for marine animals at the surface but for marine organisms at the depths of the ocean. Colonization of plastic marine…

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