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Should Cyber-bullying be considered a crime?


Thesis Statement: Cyber bullying should be limited on the internet since it may go to the extent of a humiliating and threatening behaviour which may cause a long-term harm on students. However, there are some arguments debated on whether cyber bullying is illegal or not.

I. Topic Sentence 1: Cyber bullying might cause an emotional and physical stress on the student.

a.) According to the International Criminal of Justice data, 28% of high school students who were bullied online tried to commit suicide.

b.) A recent study shows that teens who are bullied were at a high risk of young adult depression and an anti-social personality disorder.

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b.) Unlike traditional bullying which normally happens in school campus and can be controlled, cyber bullying can happen at any time during the day therefore, it can reach the victims while they’re home or alone.

c.) Online bullying can sometimes get worse; an insulting or a threatening post can be shared quickly to a lot of people and the source may be unknown, the sharing process cannot be controlled, and more badly it can be saved.

d.) The hurt caused by cyber bullying can increase over time if there is no serious action made against these manners.

IV. Topic Sentence 4 : Although many actions have been made to put an end to bullying online, people still find that the effects of cyber bullying is an insignificant issue and should be ignored.

a.) Instead of punishing the bully in school, the victim can simply block or report him/her.

b.) People need to stop exaggerating over offensive posts on Twitter or Facebook.

c.) Cyber bullying will never be solved, it’s really hard to track abusers online and since it is off campus, school has nothing to do with the

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