Outline Aspects Of Ethical Professional Practice Essay

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Element 1: Under the following headings, outline aspects of ethical professional practice

Performance Criteria 1.1; 1.2; 1.3.

1.1: Aspects of professional practice are outlined consistently over time.

1.2: Outlined aspects are supported by at least two different sources of evidence.

1.3: Aspects are outlined in a variety of contexts, and must include client, colleagues, tutors, students, and supervisors.

Appropriate referral (250 words):

Referral directs us to get assistance and services from the suitable people. When I started out as a counselling student, my main sources of referral were my tutors. They encouraged me to seek supervision from a supervisor who was practicing similar modalities to the ones that were being taught in our lectures. However I was also open to the idea of consulting supervisors that practiced a wide range of techniques and interventions. The main aim was to find a proper fit, to form a collaborative relationship between the supervisor and I. This provided a template for me to see how the modalities were implemented in a real counselling setting. After a counselling center was set up in the school, the head of faculty of counselling who was also our lecturer referred clients to us appropriately. Referral was also a common practice among my colleagues. Whenever a peer trainee counsellor was unable to conduct a session or see a client due to various reasons (including boundary issues and time constraints), the client was aptly…

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