Outline And Evaluating Models Of Abnormality Essay

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Taq 3
Assessment Criteria 2.1
Outlining and evaluating models of abnormality
Evaluate the biological (medical approach) and behaviourist approach to abnormality To determine the abnormality of a behaviour, several variables needs to be considered as there is no specific definition of abnormal behaviour. For instance, cultural significance plays an important role on defining the abnormality of the individual’s behaviour. If an individual is living in a different country with contrasting cultures, some may question his behaviour and perceive it as abnormal since they may not be familiar with the individual’s behaviours. Other variables to consider is Statistical infrequency, if the individual’s behaviour, trait or thinking is rare, this might be classified as abnormal. In early theories of abnormal psychology, it was believed that animism was the causation for abnormal behaviour. Therefore the treatment for abnormal behaviour was primitive. Eventually, scientific discipline has evolved abnormal psychology and therefore these animistic approach are now seen as unethical and odd in western culture. There are several theoretical perspective on abnormal psychology and this essay aims to study the biological and behaviourist approach to abnormality. The biological approach postulate that behaviour is shaped by internal, physiological factors. Thus abnormal behaviour are directly related to the role of genetics, disease, physical injury, the nervous system,…

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