Outline And Evaluate A Sociological Theory Essay

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Outline and evaluate a sociological theory and its contribution to an understanding of the role of socialization in society.

Functionalism is a sociological theory that first came to light in the 19th century; it was the first attempt to produce a theory that viewed society as a whole system. Functionalism was the dominant theory in the 1940’s till the 1950’s particularly in America. (Haralambos & Holborn 2013) Functionalism is a macro structuralism approach of viewing society and is often referred to as a ‘top-down’ theory as it looks at society as a whole rather than the individuals that make up society. Functionalists see society as a system of interrelated parts/ institutions which all work together to keep the whole system of society together, they exist because of their function in society. This view is known as a organic analogy, similar to the human body where each organ helps maintain the body, functionalists see society as a system where each sub system within society can not work without the other, survival of society is dependent on all systems within it. (Moore et al 2008)
Functionalists look at society in a macro way because they believe that individuals are born in to society and they are influenced greatly by the social influences they experience for example their family, religious beliefs and peer groups all help to shape individuals to ho they are in society. Functionalists see it that although individuals make up society these individuals die but society…

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