Outline And Discuss How Fear Of Crime Essay example

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Outline and discuss how fear of crime is greater than the reality of crime. Use examples in your answer.

The fear of a crime can be felt by anyone at any age. However what type of ‘crime’ we fear or what we believe we should be afraid of depends upon a person’s determining contexts. However, the majority of people have minor experiences of serious criminal victimization. Meaning that our fears of crime are higher than the reality of crime; due to misconceptions, manipulated headlines and statistics, labelling and the smokescreen effect. This can affect people’s lives in different ways; making the fear of ‘crime’ become a greater ‘crime’ itself. Being fearful of crime is influenced by various, “social and demographic variables- perceptions of risks and vulnerability, age, social class, geographical location, ethnicity and experience of criminal victimization. (Box et al., 1988; Hale, 1996).
The fear of ‘crime’ plays a major role in how ‘crime’ today is perceived, defined and responded to by the public. It is important to understand in today’s society that what we are made to fear is not we should be fearing. As fear does not parallel the risk of a ‘crime’ happening. The State and the media cover up issues and particular crimes with a smokescreen effect, which is what we should be fearing the most. The smokescreen effect also obscures the crimes of the powerful. This effect also gains more political support for issues which we should be disagree with; such as white collar…

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