`` Outliers `` By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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A competitive environment, such as high school or the labor market, poses the question that naturally occurs from introspection: are some people better than others? People reach varying heights over the course of their life, but the question remains: are there people more attuned to success than others? Most philosophers agree that each person is comprised differently, and therefore each person has different abilities. Their human value is the same, but individuality implies that people are unique, along with their skills and prowess. However, others argue that people are born equally, and that factors such as cultivation, environment, and societal emphasis affects the way people develop their talents. Taking this issue through biological perspective, a pure Darwinist would argue that genetically, people have unique genetic combinations which are optimal for surviving and thriving. Specific inheritable traits are passed down, leaving a population who has significant advantages over another in a certain respect. Malcolm Gladwell attempts to answer the question of what makes people successful in his book “Outliers”, coming to the conclusion that the factors that influence successful people are largely external. Gladwell’s claim that people are successful due to “their circumstance, their families, and their appetite for hard work” is partly true as culture, chance, and conscientious effort surely play a part in the success of the distinguished, but the natural differences…

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